Welcome to Lanesha Says…

Welcome to “Lanesha Says..!”

This blog was inspired by the character in my first book, the Coretta Scott King Honor selection, Ninth Ward.  As an author, I have spent a career writing books for adults, including historical fiction, mystery, and nonfiction.  Then I heard Lanesha’s voice, the voice of a little girl caught in a storm, and I knew it was the voice I had been waiting for–the voice that called me to children’s books.

I wrote Lanesha’s story.  On this blog, I will write my own story, the story of an author dipping her toes into the great ocean that is children’s literature.  I will read and review current children’s books, from picture books to YA.  I will conduct author interviews.  I will tell the saga of my book tour, including my fantastic trips to schools around the country.  And I will seek out wisdom about the art of writing for children like pieces of Turkish delight. 

In my eyes, books for children include some of the most wonderful, important stories in the world.  Likewise, the community of children’s book lovers includes some of the most wonderful, important people in the world.  Most of these people know much more than I do.  When I have questions, I will ask them. 

And I will ask Lanesha. 

I hope that all of you teachers, librarians, parents, scholars, readers, and aspiring authors will have some questions for her, too.  Good luck on all your quests!


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  1. Congratulations on your blog. I love the posts so far, and look forward to reading more.

    • Thanks Bonnie,

      Because I’m new to children’s book writing myself, I hope that this blog will help me build a forum of people with whom I can learn more. I love discovering things through essays and conversations. Your support is so valued. I hope everything is well with you!


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