Lanesha’s Listmania: Books from the Blog

Children’s Books from the Blog, Now on Amazon!

Hello everyone!  Lanesha (or rather her online avatar, me)  has created a Listmania! list on Amazon dedicated to the books discussed on this blog.  I love the Listmania service on Amazon.  It’s a great way to get information about people’s favorite books.   There are a number of lists dedicated to Amazon user’s favorite books from when they were children, which is a testament, I think, to the power that these books have over us our entire lives.  You can find the list here:, or search for “Lanesha Books:  Children’s Historical Fiction” in the Listmania search box.  I’ve only listed books that this blog has covered or discussed in-depth.  I’m excited to see the list grow!

Keeping Lists and Virtual Book Shelves

The truth is, I love lists, and the internet is a great place to keep them.  After many moves, I don’t have the luxury of seeing my favorite books on a physical shelf anymore.  I’ve donated many of them or had to send them to Goodwill, so that my house doesn’t crumble or disappear into bookish dust.  I also own a lot of new favorites in digital formats like Kindle.  My daughter loves her Kindle, which is lucky since she lives in a 365 square foot walk-up in New York City (oh, to be young!).

I like to look back on what I’ve read on Goodreads.  If you don’t have a shelf on Goodreads yet, I highly recommend it!  You will find a wonderful community of readers in your favorite genre there, too.




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  1. Brad

    Awesome list. Perhaps this is where bibliographies of the future will be compiled.

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